Hey, My name is Jana

Developer and Javascript enthusiast from India. I’m interested in React, Node, Jamstack, Typescript.

about me

I'm a software Engineer from India. A javascript enthusiast and blogger specialising in full-stack development.

Happy to be part of the Gifta developer team at Cimpress, a B2C e-commerce platform where I helped integrate designer experience(DEX) package with the website and developed full-stack microservices.

Before Cimpress, I worked as a Programmer Analyst at Cognizant. I was part of the R&D team, where I created and managed multiple POC websites and mobile apps and helped create reusable components.

Outside of technology, I love spending time with my family and watching movies.




Software Engineer

05/2021 - Current


Programmer Analyst

07/2019 - 04/2021